NSU Natchitoches Campus Recycling Plan


As part of our ‘greeNSU’ initiative, Northwestern kicked-off a campus-wide recycling program on the Natchitoches campus on August 1, 2009. The following procedures were approved. 


1. NSU faculty/staff may participate by collecting recyclable materials in small blue desk-side recycling containers in their offices.  These items must be stored separately from trash.

Note: Recyclables include Paper, Plastic Drink Bottles, Aluminum Cans & Cardboard.


2. Large blue rolling recycling bins are positioned in central locations in and/or around Natchitoches Campus buildings. Buildings with elevators may have recycling bins on each floor.


3. NSU faculty/staff are responsible for empting the contents of desk-side recycling containers into the large blue rolling recycling bins. Buildings with elevators may have recycling bins on each floor.


4. Red River personnel will roll the centrally located large blue recycling bins to holding areas outside each building on Tuesday afternoon for pickup by Progressive Waste Solutions. 


5. On Wednesday, Progressive Waste Solutions will pick-up all recycled materials and Red River personnel will return the large blue recycling bins to their original locations.


6. Six (6) extra-large (3’x6’) metal outdoor recycling dumpsters are positioned on the Natchitoches Campus in high traffic areas. These dumpsters are in the following locations on the Natchitoches Campus (subject to change per demand): 

  Central Receiving

  St. Denis Hall

  University Bookstore

  Watson Library


7. NSU Students & Visitors may participate by depositing recyclable materials into any recycling container, bin, or dumpster on campus.

Note: If recyclables are misplaced into regular trash cans, they will be discarded as trash. If trash is misplaced into recycling receptacles, the recyclables become contaminated and will be discarded as trash.


Your participation is key to our success!